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Western is backed by over 20 years of experience in the trucking industry. We're a strong, local Salt Lake City business. We support the local economy. We help to keep Utah’s economy strong and growing. We cover a large geographical area on the Wasatch front and offer a wide range of programs to assist our industrial and residential customers.

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Green building is transforming America. We are proud to do our part. Green building provides environmental quality, economic vitality and will reduce the impact on our natural resources You may sort your recycle materials on site for us to haul to the designated recycling facility or we offer the option to haul your materials to a facility that does the sorting for you.


Services Include

Wood Containers

Single Stream Recycling Containers

Green Waste Recycling Containers

Metal Recycling Containers

Concrete Washout Containers

Aggregate Recycle Containers

  • Residential Areas

  • Construction Sites

  • Commercial Facilities

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Apartment Complexes

Why Our Customers Choose Western Big City . . .

  • Western Big City is known for its honest, fair, responsive and efficient services.

  • We provide live customer support from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

  • We are responsive to your business or residential needs.

  • We have the equipment that you need at an affordable price!

  • Long-Term Contracts Optional




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Western Big City is your best choice for dumpsters delivered to your business, job site or home. We also provide waste containers for your business with prompt professional pick-up and delivery services on a regular schedule. Our dump trucks are ideal for earth product removal, demolition projects or transportation of scrap metals to mills or recyclers.


Call us first if you need the best in diesel repairs, service or  maintenance for your truck or fleet.

Western Big City is a small woman-owned business in Salt Lake City. We have 17 rolloff trucks, four front load trucks, seven transfer trucks and six dump trucks to serve your needs.

No project is too large or too small.

Toll Free 1-800-875-3600

From 2 to 40 yard Containers Available

 Recycling Programs Available

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